Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Spend Spend Spend

I am loving the new craft essentials campaign, there is some lovely stuff in it,
I had to buy the goody bag, so much good stuff in there including 1 set of the clear stamps(Daisy and Dandelion), the paper pack, stickers etc etc, plus the other 3 clear stamp sets, they are really lovely, also bought 3 of Clare Curds signature range stamp sets, a brilliant bargain at £5.99 a set, will hopefully have a play with those soon.
I really must cut back on my spending on craft products, buying is soooo compulsive though, I am sure thats why they are always bringing these lovely things out to tempt us as am sure most crafters know.

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  1. I'm really looking forward to seeing what you create with the Clare Curds Signature Range. They had a few packs of the stamps at my local "The Range", but I was after the papers (have far too many stamps as it is!). I'm sure they'll be online to buy soon enough! And I know exactly what you mean about spending too much on craft stuff. Because we don't have any decent and 'proper' craft shops anywhere locally, I buy all my stuff online. All we have is The Range and HobbyCraft, so trying to by Nesties or any decent stamp is impossible. And Basic Grey products are unheard of! The problem with buying online is it's far too easy to drop stuff in the basket and click a few times before it's whisking its way to me in the mail!

    Have fun with your new stash!

    Hugs, Sem x


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