Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Sorry for being MIA - What a nightmare week away

Hi to all my lovely followers

I am so sorry I have not got on your blogs this last week, we came out to see my Dad in France last Wednesday and left the kids with my Dad so hubby and I could enjoy a few days away in Paris. 

 Within an hour of arriving in Paris my Iphone was stolen by two eastern european 10-12 year olds so we spent the whole afternoon in the police station reporting it. After that I felt very unsafe, there were lots of people trying to scam tourists, I have had no way to cheaply contact my son at home in UK or to keep in touch with the kids at my Dads in the Cognac region or to get on my blog or read emails.

 We are now back at my Dads minus my Iphone :-( absolutely devastated! I am even looking forward to getting back into the UK, can you believe it! I promise I will be visiting all your blogs as soon as I have caught up with my emails - I had to cancel my sim and change all my passwords etc so my newest emails would not be able to be read, so have not had online access until this evening.
Hugs Julie x

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  1. Oh Julie I am so sorry to hear that you have not had a happy time, it must have been awful having your phone stolen I can understand why you call it a nightmare. Take care
    Lorraine x


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