Sunday, 5 April 2009

I've been unwell

Please excuse me for not posting anything or entering any challenges since Thursday, I went into hospital on Friday to have a tooth root taken out and have not been feeling well since. My face has ballooned out like a hamsters, when he stores his food in his cheeks and I have felt really run down. I have rushed around today to try and get a 4 card order that a friend asked me to do for her made up as I need to get them sent out tomorrow but I have not had any inspiration and everything I attempted has been going wrong today. I'm hoping for a better week so I can enter some of the great challenges out there and get back to my usual self.

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  1. Aw, poor you. I can certainly sympathise. I had all 4 wisdom teeth taken out under general anaesethic a few years back. I felt awful for a month! When you're feeling a bit brighter, your mojo will return, I promise! There are some great challenges at the moment, plus some that can be easily combined. Cute Card Thursday's challenge is 'Citrus Colours' - I'm sure that will make you smile! Take great care, lovely. Big hugs, Sem x


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