Sunday, 31 May 2009

What an awful week !!!

Sorry for my lack of posts, I have just had the week from hell!!!. On Monday we arrived for our midweek break at a caravan park in Kent, the weather turned awful, the holiday park was awful, the caravan had not been cleaned, the fold up bed that hubby and I were meant to sleep on was broken, the linen service we had paid extra for took ages to turn up and then for them to get it right and the loo was leaking making the carpets soggy and digusting to walk on, we hated it so much we came back a day early as we'd had enough by then.
Tuesday we went to Dover Casle which was lovely although the keep was shut so we couldn't look around there which was a shame but the rest was good. When we came out of the underground wartime tunnels there was a voicemail on my mobile, my credit card company had aked me to ring them immediately, so I rang the fraud dept as I was asked and they advised me that someone had cloned my credit card and had used it in the Phillipines to get cash, OMG what a pain, they had cancelled our card immediately which caused us a problem and inconvenience, we are without a credit card for upto 10 days and we needed that actual card to check in at the prebooked machines for our Euro Tunnel trip on the Wednesday, anyway we managed to check in manually when we explained the situation and we could prove we had the card but had been told it must not be put through a machine as it would flag up as fraud.
As we left very early on the Wednesday morning to catch the eurotunnel train I fell down the caravan steps, god knows how but my legs got caught between the steps, I was beginning to panic I had broken both legs but I had just bruised and cut my shins badly, I felt sick and faint and hubby was not sure we should go as I was in a lot of pain but I didn't want to ruin the day out we had planned and just took some painkillers and felt sorry for myself.
We had a day of walking round the wargraves, the Menin Gate, museums etc which was very interesting and humbling but the weather was not kind to us and it poured down with rain but we perservered.
On Thursday we decided to come home, the journey home was not too bad but on the Thursday night my daughter started complaining of a sore throat, then mine started hurting and by Friday morning my throat was so sore and swollen I was having trouble to swallow, you couldn't even see the back of my throat so Friday morning I was off to the doctors and sure enough I had a nasty throat infection that needed strong painkillers and antibiotics so just as well we had come back that day early.
Today is the first day I don't feel like death warmed up, the brusing on my shins has turned a disgusting green/yellow colour but at least they weren't broken and my throat is very slightly better.
Anyway I won't bore you any more with the saga but I am glad the week is over, I'm glad to be home and am looking forward to joining in with some of the challenges this week. I hope everyone else has had a far better week x

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  1. Oh no, Julie! Poor you. What an awful time you've had. I'm so sorry to hear of your nasty accident, and now your throat infection on top of everything else. (I HATE throat infections - they have been the bane of my life since I was 6 yrs old! Even having my tonsils out didn't make much difference!). The holiday park experience sounds like one you definitely DO NOT want to repeat. You should name and shame! I remember when I was about 11 yrs old, my family and I went to Butlins in Minehead and had a very similar experience. I remember being so upset (even though I was a child) that I threatened to go home on the train on my own!! Anyway, onwards and upwards. Take great care of yourself, hun. Even though you're feeling like poop now, just think that by this time next week everything will be back to normal. Lots of love, Sem x


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