Sunday, 12 July 2009

My first attempt at stamping with candles

I thought I would have my first attempt at stamping with candles today as my late best friend's nieces are getting christened next Sunday and I thought it would make a unique gift, one candle seemed to go really well but I had to have a few attempts with the second one. I have a heat gun which is the hair dryer type, I used to have a hobbycraft one but it was far to powerful so I sold that. I have found you normally have more control over the hairdryer style type, maybe thats where I went wrong and you do need the more powerful one to transfer your stamped image on the candle in less time. Anyway these will have to do as I have run out of candles now lol. I hope everyone is having a great weekend, thanks for looking x

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  1. Hi Julie

    Lovely candles, great present. I love doing these too.



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