Thursday, 3 September 2009

Its my daughter Hayleys 18th birthday today !

My lovely daughter Hayley is 18 today, Happy Birthday Hayley! I cannot believe where the last 18 years have gone. My lovely friend Tina who I met through Jewellery classes has made her a beautiful cake which should be a complete surprise and we are taking her to her favourite Indian restaurant tonight where we are decorating the table with helium balloons, confetti etc and hopefully they will surprise her with the cake after we have all eaten. I will take a photo of the cake when she is not around and will add it to this post later, Tina has done a fantastic job of it and best of all there are thorntons chocolates on the top! Thanks for looking x
Amended to add photo of her cake

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  1. Happy Birthday Hayley! WOW, that cake is stunning and looks so scrumptious! Mmmmmm...Thorntons....! Hope you had fun at the Indian restaurant? How funny, we went to our local Indian restaurant on Wednesday evening! Oh gosh, all this talk of Indian food and Thorntons cake is making me hungry!!!! LOL! Hugs, Sem xx


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