Sunday, 31 January 2010

Advice needed please !!!

Before I show this full golden wedding anniversary project I have almost completed can anyone please give me some advice. I can't make up my mind if to put the wedding details and date in the heart over the wedding photo or whether it would look better on top of the gold box I have made, I have shown it over some ribbon on top of the box but at the moment the box is just gold with nothing on top. My friend was saying it would look nice with the photo but she has told me to do whatever looks right and she hasn't seen any of it yet. If I put it on the photo Ron will lose a bit of his leg in the photo.

Please give me your comments on what you think looks better, thank you to anyone who has the time to do this little favour for me.


  1. I really like it on the photo Julie. It's nice to see all the information in one place. I think the couples names would look great in a heart on the box. However, this is only my opinion, go with your heart!

    I think this is absolutely stunning and it will make a wonderful and memorable keepsake for their Golden Wedding Anniversary.

    Clare x

  2. I think it looks nice on the photo, even though it does cover a tiny bit of his leg, it balances up the hearts on the left hand side! Looks gorgeous and I'm sure they will love it whatever you decide to do. Sarah x


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